How to Increase Your Freelancing Income through Blogging and Digital Marketing: 5-Day Masterclass

How to Increase Your Freelancing Income through Blogging and Digital Marketing: 5-Day Masterclass

Om Thoke

Om Thoke

Serial Entrepreneur, Veteran Blogger, E-commerce Marketer, and Founder of 'Bloggers World University'


26 - 30 October

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Program Description

If you own a blog, are a content writer, creator, or freelancer of any kind, then you have certainly wondered how to maximize your profits through your blog and your work.

This is especially true during this Covid-19 pandemic, where everything is slowly yet surely moving online. Thus, it becomes important to understand how the digital marketing world works and how you could bring home a higher revenue through strategic SEO practices.

Om Thoke is one of India's veteran bloggers and has been in the game since 2005. He has founded, mentored, and helped multiple individuals, established companies, and startups become giants in the digital world.

He brings his expertise and knowledge to this 5-day masterclass - conducted through Spark.Live - on how to earn money and maximize your profile through freelance blogging and digital marketing.

The schedule of the masterclass is as follows:

Day 1: 26 October, 9 - 10 PM

  • Overview of blogging
  • Freelance blogging
  • Ways to make money online

Day 2: 27 October, 9 - 10 PM

  • Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Understanding Keyword Research (KR)
  • Effective content writing in less than 30 minutes

Day 3: 28 October

  • Gap for assignments

Day 4: 29 October, 9 - 10 PM

  • How to set up WordPress
  • Basic monetization methods
  • More ways to monetize your blog

Day 5: 30 October, 7 - 10 PM - Mega Webinar

  • Link building and good SEO practices
  • Basics of affiliate marketing
  • Open house for Q&A

Thus, Om will cover all the following topics:

  • How to become self-reliant (#AatmaNirbhar) through blogging and freelancing
  • Finding micro-niche websites
  • How to start your micro-niche blog
  • Laying Keyword Research (KR) foundations with low DQR (Double Quote Results)
  • How to create effective content
  • Building backlinks
  • Utilizing Quora
  • Hitting the first page on Bing, Yahoo, and Google
  • Social media optimization through LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Monetizing your blog
  • Basics of affiliate marketing and the Indian e-commerce system
  • Basics of Facebook ads
  • How to get sponsored posts
  • Becoming an influencer
  • Google Adsense placement
  • Revenue optimization

As you can see, this masterclass will cover all the aspects you need to optimize your blog and see massive revenue returns. Through Om's techniques, you can start implementing small yet effective changes that will not only yield instantaneous results but help build your brand in the long run.

These practical solutions will help you get started from the very first step. Plus, you know these digital marketing methods will work as OM himself uses them for his blogs!

Focused on a systematic plan, Om will help enhance your digital marketing strategy and provide you with tools to keep refining this strategy as your blog and brand grow.

This masterclass will last for 5 days, 26 - 30 October:

  • 26 - 29 October: 9 - 10 PM
  • 30 October: 7 - 10 PM - Mega Webinar

Are you ready to become a pro blogger?

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How it Works

  • Session is suitable for age range 18 to 65.
  • Expert can speak languages English, Hindi.
  • Session would be in English. However, you can request the Expert to converse in any language they know.
  • You can Message the Expert via Spark.Live app to schedule a time.
  • You can attend Session directly via Spark.Live app using Video Call.
  • You can reach out to us for any help after booking at

Om Thoke

Serial Entrepreneur, Veteran Blogger, E-commerce Marketer, and Founder of 'Bloggers World University'

Om Thoke is one of India's veteran bloggers (since 2005). He calls himself a blogger turned serial entrepreneur and affiliate marketer. 

Having earned $108 at the age of 20 from his first online venture, by the age of 25, he increased his income to 1 crore! By age 30, he had bootstrapped 6 different companies, such as Xpress SEO Solutions and Webfosys Networks. By age 35, he had 3 startup investments. In the past 14 years, he has built over 13,000 blogs. 

Om's main philosophy in life is if he can do it, so can you! 

He has helped thousands of people start from absolute zero and had even helped people go from earning ₹10,000 per month to ₹10k per day. 

To reach a wider audience and guide people more effectively, Om founded Bloggers World University, which helps aspiring bloggers, as well as e-commerce and startup owners, maximize their revenue potential through smart and effective digital marketing and SEO practices. 

Through this workshop, Om aims to help bloggers and freelancers become truly #AatmaNirbhar by understanding the practical applications of his digital marketing knowledge and experience. 

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Profile image of Paras Mohan

Paras Mohan 08/10/2020

Its live with all the questions answered by the owner itself. Om sir is really humble and not promise something with is unrealistic. From seting up a blog , SEO, content writing, to the ways various ways to monetize. So much additional insights and knowledge was also been shared by om sir when asked by worshop members. Worth the money and time.

Profile image of Rahul Yadav

Rahul Yadav 08/10/2020

It was really awesome, to a guy like me who had many misconceptions about blogging previously, this 5 day session really helpful to me . Whole day I just waited for Om sir to start the session and also I really enjoyed the company of Om sir. Will recommend to people.

Profile image of Amar Balasaheb Sawant

Amar Balasaheb Sawant 08/10/2020

It is very helpful and motivated. learnt many tricks and method. Will definately try. Sir, explained everything in a simple way. Easy to understand and follow. Will surely recommend to friends.

Profile image of Jeegar Bhalala

Jeegar Bhalala 08/10/2020

This was perfect i guess. Useful in many ways. I will recommend it to my friends.

Profile image of Abhishek Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal 08/10/2020

I got 10x value and it might be lifetime changing webinar those who take actions and follow instructions as per webinar. Highly recommend. I am surely gonna recommend to my friends. Absolutely worth every penny.

Profile image of Basanagouda Patil

Basanagouda Patil 08/10/2020

This has rich content and resolved all my queries regarding blogging and monetisation methods. People who wants a career in this field, this session will give them a path to follow and guild them on right direction. The compitetion is hight on digital field and It's so importaint to have the right information to follow the correct path. He explained it all.

Profile image of ROHIT SINGH

ROHIT SINGH 08/10/2020

The uniqueness has to be the live practicals that Om Sir literally doing it on his laptop with the screen shared to all. I never knew doing keyword research is that easy when Sir explained it to us. The session was extremely helpful and hingly recomended.

Profile image of Seema Roy

Seema Roy 08/10/2020

Truely speaking, I was just listening. I am a complete new comer in this world and all these knowledge were just jumbled up puzzle words which I may have heard before but now I need to sort out this puzzle. And this can be done by implementing. That is when I will be knowing the practical meaning and able to relate all that was delivered. The only thing I get from this workshop is that I need to this 'This is it'. The most unique thing is the maturity level of Om Sir. I was practically learning how a successful person should think and deliver. He is a motivation, and now I am motivated to turn my writing into business. This will happen one day for sure. Thank you Om Sir.

Profile image of Abhishek Kulkarni

Abhishek Kulkarni 08/10/2020

Real time value, no hiding, no fishy tactics. And as om Said people value people. So I invested bcz of Om. He is a genuine guy and has great knowledge about how to create a digital space for your business. Great session.

Profile image of Sidhikesh Kamble

Sidhikesh Kamble 08/10/2020

Basics was covered. But It's a good session for beginers. Poeple who wants to start a blooging career, this workshop will be helpful for them.

Profile image of Shikha Pandey

Shikha Pandey 08/10/2020

The workshop just in 5 days delivered immense value and almost every bit of digital. It helped me to get a better understanding of how the digital world works and what we need to do to create our own presenc. Will recommend this to my friends

Profile image of Tarun Bhardwaj

Tarun Bhardwaj 08/10/2020

I knew things already but learning should never stop. Some methods were awesome along with hidden gold mines. We can easily impliment those methods and expect results almost immediately. Excellent session and worth the money.

Profile image of Priya

Priya 08/10/2020

Getting to know how to do keywords research and write effective articles fast. Very informative workshop. Learnt many new things. The workshop was worth Rs 700. I will recomand this to everyone, who are interested in digital marketing industry.

Profile image of Sahil Padhiyar

Sahil Padhiyar 08/10/2020

It is very unique session because Om Thoke sir have more than 16 years experience in blogging and digital marketing industry. Om sir shared us their secret of blogging and digital marketing. Which on one another can do. He shared all secret and strategies with live demo and earnings history. I will surely recommend this workshop to everyone.

Profile image of Anushka H

Anushka H 08/10/2020

Om thoke sir has cleared explained everything and tricks which is required for blogging. I definitely found it worth Rs. 700. I suggest that small assignments are given. But yes, I got a clearer picture how to go about in this field. It was very useful and clarified all the doubts I had regarding this field. I will recommend it to my friends.

Profile image of Srigopal Bhattad

Srigopal Bhattad 08/10/2020

Alag tha sabse. I found it worth Rs. 700. It changed my perception of blogging. Learned new things and ill implement. Will recommend to my friends.

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