Homeopathic Treatment for Kidney Stone, Gout, Sciatica, Piles, Slipped Disc, and Hairfall by Dr Arun Upadhyay | SparkLive Expert

Homeopathic Treatment for Kidney Stone, Gout, Sciatica, Piles, Slipped Disc, and Hairfall


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Program Description

If you're facing a health condition that requires constant medication but are unsure of the side effects of Allopathy, you must consult Dr Arun Upadhyay on Spark.Live.

Providing expert Homeopathy consultations, Dr Arun has helped hundreds of people manage their ailments without any adverse effects. Through Homeopathy, you too can gain relief, or even cure any diseases you or a loved one may suffer from. 

Additionally, the medicines taste good - which makes it easier for children to take them as well!

Dr Arun can help with multiple health conditions, such as: 

- Hairfall 
- Kidney stones 
- Gout 
- Sciatica 
- Piles 
- Dermatitis 
- Slipped disc 
- Vitiligo or leucoderma 
- STD (sexually transmitted diseases) 

Please have the following information ready before your session: 

- Medical history 
- Present condition 
- Symptoms 
- Genetic history 
- Medical reports (if available)

About Dr Arun Upadhyay  

Specialized Homeopathic Doctor

Dr Arun Upadhyay is a homeopathic doctor practising for over 12 years. In this time, he has helped hundreds of people recover and manage their medical conditions.  Dr Arun is a DHP (Diploma in Homeopathy Pharmacy) and a BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery). He owns his clinic, Charlie Homeopathic Hospital and Research Centre in Bhopal.  With his innate understanding of various medical conditions and illnesses, Dr Arun can help you gain relief from everyday problems as well as lifestyle disorders. 

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