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Program Description

Instead of focusing on the flawed practices of calorie counting and general weight-loss guidelines, each consultation with Gut Guru Swetha will be centered on the required nutrient intake for your body. Gut Guru does not believe in quick fixes or in eliminating food groups to get you results.

The goal is to improve holistically in all areas - hence, keeping the program more sustainable as a lifestyle adaptation. Each program is customized according to your eating habits, lifestyle, availability of resources, and much more.

She will help you keep a track of the following:

- Eating habits
- Portion control
- Sleep hours
- Medical conditions
- Fitness goals 
- Productivity and energy levels
- Stress and mental peace

Moreover, there are small 'goals' kept in each session, which help you move towards the main health goal, and encourage you to remain motivated during each session. 

Each program will be of 10 days. The duration may vary depending on the previous session's results and Swetha's plan for each client.

About Gut Guru - Swetha Ashok  

Nutritionist, Biochemist, and Microbiologist

Swetha Ashokkumar is the founder of Gut Guru. Having done her Bachelor's in Biochemistry and Microbiology, her Master's in Biochemistry, and a Diploma in Nutrition, her strong background allows her to understand physiology, gut health and bacteria, and how balanced meals play an important role in nourishment.  She possesses robust knowledge on the pillars of basic nutrition, hence bringing the very fiber of value-addition with her counsel. She believes in not just prescribing incomprehensible dietary practices, but in educating people on the WHATs and HOWs about a meal and increasing awareness about the intrinsic relationship between food, mind, and body. Swetha strives to maintain strong interpersonal relationships with every individual under her care. She aims to progressively break rampant nutrition myths, aid in the discipline through well-motivated portion control, help you adapt to challenging lifestyle changes, and complement your dietary efforts with exercise.  She reminds her clients that transformation is not a slave to short-lived will but a willing follower of mindful habits.  Swetha has worked with clients across the world, tackling weight worries and lifestyle management, all while consulting remotely out of the city of Mumbai.

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