Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga for Strength: 24 Online Classes


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English, Hindi, Tamil

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Program Description

Change your life with this 24 Class Yoga Course!

Detox your mind and body.

Feel good and look attractive!

Vinay Narayanswamy is a Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga Teacher who uses a combination of body, breath, sound reverberation, and meditation practices to teach Yoga to his students. Build a strong core, improve muscle tone, gain strength.

Yoga will make you feel energetic, lively, and calm. You will find everyday lifting and other strength-requiring activities easier to perform. Strength drills will complement your yoga practice, and help you balance your strength and flexibility. Some classes will focus on specific body parts, while others will give you a full-body work-out.

About Vinay Narayanswamy  

Yoga and Meditation Guru

Vinay Narayanswamy is a Yoga Alliance International Certified Yoga Teacher. His past association includes the body-positive studio, The Curvy Yogi. He has done his BSc in Yoga as well as a Yoga Instructor Course from the Swamy Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA).  Vinay is a versatile yoga teacher who loves to incorporate strength training in different ways in his class. He now teaches mainly Vinyasa and Hatha forms of yoga. He came to yoga for its physical benefits, but today he finds strength and empowerment through meditation and breathing exercises as well. His mission is to inspire others to get physically and mentally strong while using traditional yoga mixed with strength drills and workouts. He is particularly happy when he can use yoga to empower people's minds, which is an ongoing project for him, especially with yoga strength drills.

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