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Program Description

Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life!

Analyse Your Handwriting to Channel Your Full Potential.

Handwriting is connected with the subconscious mind, and is thus called brainwriting. The formation and size of the letters, the space between words, direction of the writing, slants, etc. reflect a lot about you and your personality, your temperament, and your anxieties and fears. 

Using this approach, Handspeaks can help you understand all your hidden strengths as well as weaknesses which are stopping you from attaining what you desire. The learnings can be utilized to advance your career, while advising you on the areas you need to work on to improve your personality and relationships.

You can expect the following from this workshop: 

- Learn what changes need to be made in your handwriting to get rid of subconscious blockages like resentment, anger, overthinking, procrastination, self-doubts, excess stress, sensitivity, and negativity
- Learn about powerful handwriting traits which you must and must not have for success, self-determination, will-power, self-confidence, patience, optimism, and so on

This Handwriting Workshop will offer you tools that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

About Handspeaks.Com  

Handwriting Counseling

Handspeaks.com analyses your handwriting to reveal traits about you like your personality, potential, strengths and weaknesses, behavioural patterns, and unconscious prejudices and blocks. Handwriting Therapy, or Graphotherapy as it is called, can help remove those unconscious blockages and help you improve your personality and probability of success. Aishwarya Agarwal is the Founder of handspeaks.com, which works with students, the youth, and professionals trying to navigate their way through life. She has been practising Graphology for over six years. She conducts Online Graphology Workshops for Self-Transformation and Success, and says, 'Graphology has chosen me, hence I want to spread it for happiness'. Handspeaks.com, through handwriting counseling, has been helping hundreds of people who are struggling with emotional upheavals to lead more joyous lives.

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