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The soothing sounds of an acoustic or the transcendent energy of an electric guitar has the ability to convey emotions that words simply can't. Thus, learning to play the guitar is often on many people's bucket list.

If you're someone who has always wished to learn the guitar and have one at home, then you must join Atharva Sharma's guitar classes on Spark.Live.

With a proven structure to his classes, Atharva ensures that every student learns to play this melodic instrument easily, quickly, and correctly. His guitar classes are fused on technique, music theory, and an understanding of the history of the guitar and its various genres.

This provides you a complete and holistic understanding and appreciation of the guitar. Along with this, you get detailed information on how to pluck different notes, play a number of chords seamlessly, and how to streamline a song.

Atharva places special emphasis on individuality and encourages you to explore the instrument and its sounds so you can create something that is unique and completely your own. Through this exploration, you form a lifelong bond with the guitar.

For Atharva's guitar classes, please ensure you have:

  • a tuned guitar,
  • guitar picks, and
  • a notebook ready.

About Atharva Sharma

Professional Guitarist, Guitar Teacher, Singer, Lyricist, and Composer

Atharva Sharma is a professional guitarist and guitar teacher with over 15 years of experience. During this time, he had also been a composer, singer, and lyricist for his band, Merakist.

As a performer, Atharva has been associated with many famous bands and has performed live around the country. 

Having been a trainer in both Indian and Western music, he has trained thousands of students all over the world and helped them achieve their musical dream. He believes in training students who self-identify as 'music enthusiasts' as a love for the art form is crucial. 

He believes in teaching his students key concepts of music and the guitar so that you can translate those concepts into your own unique brand and voice. Having witnessed how this form of teaching makes his students better guitarists, his classes are all about encouraging your originality and creativity. This allows you to form a bond with the guitar and the music.

His motto is 'keep learning.' Atharva always tells his students, 'Don't worry about where you are or what you are up to - just focus on your practice.' If you keep practising, the consistency of the practice will overshadow every other concern.

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