5-Day Fitness Bootcamp for General Fitness, Weight Loss, Cardio, and Flexibility


Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 6 PM

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Rs. 494.0 for 5 Sessions - Total 420 Mins of Workout Sessions


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*Have you gained weight during the lockdown? *

Why not sign up for Dhaval Bhadeshiya's 5-day fitness bootcamp on Spark.Live? 

After training 5000+ clients in the last 5 years, Dhaval has created a system which anyone can use to attain a healthy life - without strict diets, painful exercise, or expensive supplements, and with investing the minimum time possible.

The carefully crafted curriculum is called the 'FITLIFE System', with numerous people from different professions and walks of life participating as students in the program. The bootcamp will guide you to be fit physically and mentally - regarding your workout, nutrition needs, and even your mental state.

What will the programme include?

  • Signature Body Weight Workout Plan, which is something you can follow anywhere, anytime without any gym or equipment.
  • Signature Nutrition Pack, which includes shopping lists, portion guide, and a meal planner.
    Additionally, Dhaval's online fitness session will also feature: 

  • FITLIFE System overview - how to make time and fix an achievable fitness goal.

  • How to make your fitness journey faster and easier.

  • Rest and recovery protocols to reduce pain, inflammation, and build immunity.

  • Importance of exercise on health, weight loss, and strength building.

  • Power of nutrition to improve energy levels, gut health, and promote weight loss.

By the time you are done, you will have a step-by-step action plan to lose weight and improve overall health with the FITLIFE System.

About Dhaval Bhadeshiya

Certified Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach

Dhaval Bhadeshiya is a certified nutritionist and lifestyle coach with over five years of experience. 

An IT Cloud Architect, he has over 15 years of experience in the tech industry. Some of his past employers include NIIT, Microsoft, and Oracle, among others.

His experience in IT has helped him understand the struggles of busy professionals, so he wanted to bring about a change. Passionate about healthy eating habits, yoga, and fitness, Dhaval wanted to build a system that young working professionals can follow without spending hours in the gym.

He started working as a professional trainer with reputed institutions such as Republic Fitness and Trio-Fit. In 2019 he created Fitlife, which helps busy professionals lose weight and improve their health without painful exercises and strict diets.

Additionally, he also holds a certificate in personal training by the American Council on Exercise and is a certified yoga trainer. He also has a certificate as a Nutrition Expert and Lifestyle Coach by Precision Nutrition. 

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