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Functional Training and Pilates Group Class for Strength, Flexibility, and Endurance: 8 Classes


Saturday & Sunday - 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM


English, Hindi

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Program Description

Welcome to a full-body workout by your favorite dance teacher Anupama Ahanthem!

Anupama utilizes Functional Training, Mat Pilates Workout, and Stretch 'N Dance Fitness for a full-body session that engages all your major muscle groups. It also boosts your cardiovascular health, builds strength, improves flexibility, and integrates all your bodily movements. In this 8 class package, you will learn the following.

Functional Training:

Functional fitness means training your body for everyday activities to make daily motion easier and safer. These activities could be carrying groceries, picking up small children/something heavy, walking, getting in or out of a chair, and so on.

Our most mundane movements are actually quite complex and require harmonious integration of movement forces, joint stability, and firing patterns. The body longs for total integration - posture, joint stability, and prime-mover support. Functional training will help integrate all these bodily functions for smooth and pain-free movements. 

Mat Pilates Workout:

A true total body workout that improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops control and endurance. It emphasizes alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. 

Stretch 'N Dance Fitness:

A sensuous combination of Dance & Therapeutic Yoga techniques that will blow your mind away, and are easy to follow. The session will start with a self-awareness body warmup followed by an intense dance-based mid-sequence. Then comes a strength-and-conditioning segment followed by a cooldown and ending with active meditation.

Learners should wear workout outfits like track pants or shorts, paired with t-shirts and socks. We recommend keeping sports shoes nearby. Please carry a yoga mat with you.

About Dance With Anu  

Certified Fitness Dance Trainer and Instructor

Anupama Ahanthem is a Certified Fitness Dance Trainer from Bangalore. She has a background in Yoga, Pilates and Functional Training and has been dancing for over a decade. Anupama is an instructor at a special fitness dance programme called 'Stretch ‘n Dance', which comprises dance and therapeutic yoga. It helps in strengthening & toning the body as well as in injury management.

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