Freestyle Dance for Children: 4 Classes


Monday - Friday, 6.15 - 7.15 PM

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Did your child enjoy Lattika's free workshop? If yes, you must sign them up for a weekly class with her. Simply feel the music, catch the beat, and let your kid dance their heart out! Lattika will take one class per week, and the course will be for 4 weeks.

Freestyle Dance is the best dance form to teach young children. The steps are easy to do and very peppy - they will teach your child agility, make them fit, and increase their memory power - which means they will be able to remember their Math and English lessons better!

With weekday evening classes, Lattika will help your son or daughter unwind from a hard day at school.

Sign up today and give your child a chance to be happy!

About Lattika Khandelwal

Freestyle Dance Teacher

Lattika Khandelwal is a Freestyle Dance Teacher with over two years of experience. 

She has been learning dance as a passion while pursuing her BBA. At the young age of 19, she has become well-versed in freestyle dancing, both as a teacher and a dancer, to bring her talents to others. 

Lattika wishes to spread the joy of dancing to as many people as she can. 

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