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How to Believe in Yourself and Boost Your Self-Confidence for Personal and Professional Success: Free Masterclass


6:00 PM on Wed, 16 December

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Your low self-confidence can hold you back in multiple ways and keep you from achieving personal and professional success. You may not apply for certain jobs, self-sabotage opportunities, and even present a meek image, so you don't get professional growth opportunities. 

But it doesn't have to be like this - YOU don't have to be like this. 

By attending Hisrar Tallani's free masterclass on transforming your confidence and self-esteem, you can learn how to tap into your inner potential and show the world everything you're capable of. 

With real-life examples and strategies on how to improve your confidence levels, this masterclass on Spark.Live will leave you feeling strong, capable, and ready to follow your dreams! 

Hisrar will cover the following topics in this free masterclass: 

  • How to transform your low self-esteem
  • How to improve your confidence
  • How to alter your self-image
  • How to set achievable goals 
  • How to build strong relationships
  • How to understand your personal beliefs
  • How to have a winning mindset

If you're ready to take control of your life and achieve the heights you previously only dreamt of, then book your spot at Hisrar's online masterclass today.

About Hisrar Tallani

Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Corporate Trainer

Hisrar Tallani is a man of many talents. During his decade-long career, he has been a VJ, CMD and Founder of Hisrar's Events and Celebrations (Mangalore's top event management company), anchor, MC, mentor, corporate trainer, motivational speaker, and mind nutrition expert. 

Hisrar topped, with distinction, the Communication Skills Examination (2013) from Trinity College, London, under the tutelage of Prof. Maria D'Costa. The confidence he carries from this course is evident throughout his career and to anyone who has had the pleasure of attending his talks. 

He is particularly motivated to inspire the youth to achieve their dreams. For this, he presented a series of motivational talks entitled 'It's My Cup of Tea' at 15 colleges in Mangalore. The purpose behind these talks was to help students realize their true potential, guide them, and create a positive environment around them that encourages growth. 

According to Hisrar, 'If you work whole-heartedly toward what you want to become in life, the universe will help you step towards your goal.' 

Due to his practical approach to life and realistic advice, Hisrar is an in-demand leader who has helped thousands of people all over India realize their potential, solve their problems, inspire themselves, and channel their power towards their goals. 

During his talks, Hisrar often draws upon his own life to provide a clear basis for how to overcome setbacks and stay motivated. He says, 'The struggles have taught me valuable lessons of life, which is to shrug off the negatives and assimilate the positives.' 

In his event management company, Hisrar's Events and Celebrations, he has a team of 50 young minds working with him to brainstorm on unique ideas and concepts for each event. The team's professionalism and creativity have been recognized and lauded across the region. They specialize in organizing and producing events of international standards, which make them one-of-a-kind in India. 

As a motivational speaker, leader, and mind nutrition expert, Hisrar incorporates a wide range of topics to help people of various ages and backgrounds. These topics are specially chosen to aid his clients to obtain a winning mindset, inspire them to act now, and equip them with the tools and knowledge needed to become successful. 

Hisrar's goal is to go pan India with his motivational speeches and talks to inspire young, entrepreneurial minds across the nation. 

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