Learn How to Read Minds and Influence People by Observing Body Language, Small Talk, and Cold Reading: Free Masterclass


7:00 PM on Tue, 15 December

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If you've ever watched an episode of the commercially and critically acclaimed series 'The Mentalist,' you'll be familiar with the titular character of Patrick Jane, who uses his sharp observational skills to help solve criminal cases. 

But you're not solving cases with your local police department, so why should you sign up for a mentalism masterclass? 

Simply put, first impressions are last impressions, and if you can impress everyone you meet by your uncanny ability to read their minds, then you're gold! 

Additionally, this ability to read minds also allows you to look past the superficial and right into the heart of the matter. This leaves you impervious to manipulation and ego politics while lending you a well-deserved air of confidence. 

Narpath, one of India's pioneer mentalists, promises to help you sharpen your observational skills so that you can read minds - in this free masterclass on 15 December on Spark.Live! 

In this masterclass, you'll learn some key aspects of:

  • Reading body language
  • Interpreting unconscious body movements
  • Analyzing speech patterns 
  • Being a good listener 
  • Asking the right questions 
  • Trusting your intuition 

With Next Door Mind Reader Narpath right across you on your phone or laptop screen, you know you're in good hands - and will only receive valuable information that will help you advance in your personal and professional life. 

So, what are you waiting for? Book your spot today! 

About Narpath Raman - Next Door Mind Reader

Mentalist, Mind Reading Coach, and TEDx Speaker

Narpath Raman is one of the pioneers of the mentalism scene in India - only to be named among the top 20 most inspiring men in the world. With a long list of exclusive clientele and corporate shows under his belt, Narpath is a bona fide mind reading expert. 

His journey into mentalism is quite interesting. At the age of 23, Narpath describes himself as under-confident, fat, and insecure, and was going through the darkest period of his life. During this time, he quit his management consultancy job to become a street performer after being inspired by the greats, David Blaine and Derren Brown. 

Fast forward to today, and Narpath has made a name for himself as the Next Door Mind Reader. Leaving thousands across the world boggled with his skills, Narpath believes strongly in the power of attraction and manifestation. He attributes a major part of his current success to this practice, and it's clearly paid off! 

Having performed on television for major corporations and with some top celebrities, Narpath is well-known for befuddling M.S. Dhoni by getting him to reveal the name of his very first crush to the world! Watch the video of this event here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C81n_yccxW0

While his skills may seem supernatural, Narpath received his moniker of the Next Door Mind Reader due to his simplicity, storytelling, and accessible approach to mind reading. Utilizing a mixture of spirituality, hypnotism, and behavioral psychology to read your body language and 'pluck the thoughts from your mind,' this mentalist prides himself on his ability to entertain and inform his audiences. 

Called the 'Best New Age Entertainer' by the Indian Express, Narpath is acknowledged all over the world as one of India's pure psychological entertainers. 

With his uncanny ability to read your mind, he warns that if there's something you'd rather he didn't know about, don't think about it! 

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