Develop Your Listening Skills for Workplace Success

Develop Your Listening Skills for Workplace Success

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Sanjay Verma

Sanjay Verma

Writer & Motivational Speaker | अनुभवी लेखक व मोटीवेशनल स्पीकर


Monday - Friday, 7- 9 PM

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Program Description

Paying attention to verbal and non-verbal cues is one of the most crucial skills you can develop for career success.

Listening is an art, which is not recognized much in communications today. Also, strong listening skills seem easy, but they are actually rare in most workplaces. Active listening is an ability that is not only important for a successful career but is routinely required in day-to-day corporate and social life settings. 

Sanjay Verma is a communication expert with over 25 years of experience. He is the Deputy Director of the National Cooperative Union of India and he will teach you step-by-step how to build, strengthen and master excellent listening skills in his free class.

When you listen, there is much more to the conversation than just what's being said. You have to think about the other person's emotions and empathize with them. Sanjay will help you build and improve these upon skills so that you can excel at everything you choose to do, whether it is networking or a job interview, or meeting a client or giving a presentation.

Understand the difference between listening & hearing and create more value for your clients with better listening habits.

Who will this course help?

  • Junior executives
  • Account representatives
  • Managers
  • People who aren't good listeners
  • Interns

At the end of the class, you will be energised to improve your listening skills.

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Sanjay Verma

Writer & Motivational Speaker | अनुभवी लेखक व मोटीवेशनल स्पीकर

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Sanjay Verma is the Deputy Director of Publications at the National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI). He has 25 years of experience in the cooperative sector with a focus on developing effective communications and strategic change programs/interventions in the fields of Media/PR and international cooperative development.  

His cooperative sector experience comprises working in organizations like the National Cooperative Union of India, International Cooperative Alliance Regional Office for Asia-Pacific and New Harmony Press, UK.

His book ‘Public Relations and Media in Cooperatives: An Indian Perspective', a first of its initiative in the cooperative sector, was released by the High Commissioner of Mauritius at the International Cooperative Day function organized by NCUI in July 2019. Recently, Springer Publishers has come up with an edited book on 'Cooperatives and Social Innovation’, which carries his paper on ‘Social Media As an Effective Tool for Social Innovation in Indian Cooperatives'.

He has been a regular presenter at several international/national conferences organized at Newcastle University (ICA Australia, 2019), Tehran (ICA, 2018), Seoul (ICA, 2017), Delhi (ICA, 2016), Thrissur (KILA, 2015), Sao Paulo (ISTO, Oct 2014), Bali (ICA, September 2014), Kobe, Japan (ICA, Nov 2012), Bhubhaneshwar (ICA, July 2011), Beijing (ICA, October 2010), Delhi (ICA September 2009), Mumbai (Sehat, October 2009), Peterborough, Canada (Univ. of Peterborough, Feb 2008), Victoria, Canada, (2007, CIRIEC), Colombo (ICA, August 2006), Bangkok (September 2005), Chiangmai (ICA, October 2004).

The topics of his presentations covered areas like community media, cooperative communications, media, cooperative, social tourism, cooperative education in schools, social media, cooperative leadership, etc. In addition to this, he has more than 100 publications on various issues of cooperative development in national/international journals besides newspapers.  

Of late, he has ventured into the field of motivational writing and has covered topics like effective communication skills, motivation, encouragement, leadership, inner change, and self-development. Sanjay utilizes his experiences to help people improve their communication skills, body language, business, and general etiquette.

He is offering sessions on Spark.Live as these motivational sessions have produced great results for individuals and corporates alike.

Listed below are some of the formal qualifications, degrees, and diplomas of Sanjay Verma:

  • Master of Arts, History, JNU, Delhi
  • Bachelor of Arts, English, JNU, Delhi
  • PG Diploma, Journalism, Punjab University, Chandigarh
  • MA, Economics, Meerut Univ., Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Delhi 
  • MPhil Degree in International Relations, JNU

संजय वर्मा सहकारी समितियों में एक विकास क्षेत्र के विशेषज्ञ, मेरे पास प्रभावी संचार कौशल लिखने और बोलने में 10 से अधिक वर्षों का अनुभव है। प्रेरणा, प्रोत्साहन, नेतृत्व, आंतरिक-परिवर्तन, आत्म-विकास आदि के मुद्दे मेरे दिल के करीब हैं।

मुझे रोजमर्रा की जिंदगी से कहानियों पर लिखना और बोलना भी पसंद है! खास बात तो यह है कि वर्षों के अनुभव के साथ सहकारी क्षेत्र के पत्रकार / लेखक हैं जो प्रेरक समस्याओं पर बोलने / लिखने का शौक रखते हैं।

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