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Program Description

Are you confused about what to wear? Or, are you simply not satisfied with the range of clothes you own?

Remember, size doesn’t matter and all you need is inspiration! Wardrobe stylist Linda is here to give you personalised one-on-one sessions that will help you choose the right outfit that matches your age, shape, complexion and personal preferences. You can:

—Go through your wardrobe and discover stunning new ways to mix and match existing outfits
—Get 2 minute make-up tips that you can do first thing in the morning to make you look fresh and beautiful
—Learn how to convert your work wear to party wear
—Get tips on styles that suit your body type the best
—Get advice for future shopping, including on new brands that complement your shape
—Receive a style guide for the upcoming season

With Linda’s help, curate a new wardrobe that will make you feel beautiful, comfortable and stylish while being easy on the pocket.

About Linda  

Wardrobe stylist and social media influencer

Linda is a wardrobe stylist with a master’s degree in apparel production and fashion merchandising from NIFT, Chennai. A well known face on social media, she has been helping women analyse their body type and dress in a way that suits their shape and personality. A proponent of minimalist fashion, she also gives advice on brands to look out for.

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