Breakletics Functional Training and HIIT for Coordination, Mobility, and Rhythm


Monday, Wednesday, & Friday - 10 AM to 11 AM & 5 PM to 6 PM


English, Hindi

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Program Description

Do you often get bored with the same old workout routine? Wish you could add some flexibility exercises to your workout while still focusing on strength? Are you simply done with burpees? 

Then Breakletics is perfect for you! 

Breakletics is a form of functional training that combines fitness along with the dance form, Breaking. It focuses on building strength, flexibility, coordination, and body tension. The high-intensity interval training (HIIT), along with the infectious beats, is sure to get you moving and sweating in no time! 

Due to the use of music that is 100 beats per minute, it also challenges you rhythmically, improves your mobility, and increases the fun factor! Classes will usually feature old school Hip-Hop music, and combine moves from various urban dance styles. 

The very best thing about it - Breakletics® is for everybody! The exercises have different levels and are super easy to understand. Even participants with two left feet can learn them in seconds. 

So join now and become a part of the workout revolution!

About Ankit Mahal  

Breakletics International Master Certified Coach

New Delhi

Ankit Mahal is a fitness instructor, dancer, and an International Master Certified Coach for Breakletics - one of the few in the world. Having been interested in sports and dancing from a young age, he has won multiple competitions in Karate, Powerlifting, and Dance. He was part of the National Ballet Academy as a Classical Ballet Teacher and Performer. He has performed in many ballets such as 'The Nutcracker', 'Swan Lake', 'Sleeping Beauty', and 'Ophelia'.  After undergoing rigorous Breakletics fitness training from Breakletics Germany, he is currently promoting the fitness form in India by conducting workshops for people who want to become a trainer. He provides the GX (Group Class) at various gyms along with the GX Outdoor Sessions, and has been associated with numerous fitness events across India. Ankit's classes feature a mix of many forms, including Breaklectics, Zumba, Crossfit, Boxing, and Ballet Flexibility and Strength exercises.

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