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Bollywood and Indian Contemporary Dance Class with Choreography


Everyday, 10 AM - 7 PM



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Program Description

Have you ever wanted to shake a leg to your favorite tracks but didn't have the dance vocabulary for the same? Do you wish you could incorporate all the adaah required for semi-classical songs? 

Then, you should sign up for Navya Kundar's dance classes! 

Specializing in semi-classical, Indian contemporary, and Bollywood dance forms, Navya comes with over 12 years of experience as a professional dancer and choreographer. 

She can teach you all the adaahs and nakhras associated with semi-classical and Indo-contemporary dance forms, and help you get into the zone. Her classes are fun, with easy-to-learn steps and techniques that will make you feel graceful and powerful. 

Navya's dance classes will help you step out of your life and into another era! Sign up for her classes on Spark.Live today and start dancing with poise and elegance!

About Navya Kundar  

Professional Dancer and Choreographer

Navya Kunda is a professional dancer and choreographer with over 12 years of experience in various forms.  She has been associated with many eminent dance groups and companies such as Navanritya in Bangalore and Piah Dance Company. She has choreographed and performed at various national stage shows, weddings, dance shows, corporate programs, and college events.  Having trained under famous choreographers such as Bosco-Caeser, Anamika Singh, and Padmahsree award winner Aruna Mohanty, Navya is trained in the following dance forms:  - Bollywood  - Indian contemporary  - Semi-classical  - Contemporary  - Western folk 

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