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Bodybuilding Personal Training and Nutrition Plans for Maximum Muscle Gains: 24-Session Monthly Package


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When you think of bodybuilders, what might come to your mind are bulky people with well-defined muscles and veins. While this is true for competitions, on an average day, a bodybuilder - as the name says - is someone who builds their body. 

Building mass, shedding fat, and maintaining it all is the entire world of bodybuilding. This is done through military-precision workout and nutrition plans that don't leave time for snacking or cheat meals. Depending on your current body type and goals, your workout and nutrition plans will differ a lot. 

To help you figure out the right plan for you, Jinu Malil, a celebrated professional national and international bodybuilder, is offering a 24-session monthly bodybuilding package through Spark.Live. This package will consist of 6 sessions per week - Monday to Saturday - of 1 hour. 

Did you know that most professional bodybuilders work out 7 days a week? Yes, their workouts last anywhere from 60 minutes to 4 hours! 

Jinu doesn't simply believe in educating aspiring bodybuilders, but in helping you become self-reliant and successful on your own. He does this by guiding you in the right direction regarding your workout, nutrition, and even your mental state - so you can make decisions for a long-term plan.

To put it simply, Jinu's bodybuilding sessions will feature the following benefits: 

  • Bulk, cut, and maintaining of the body in the most effective way possible
  • Training for maximum muscle gains, with proven workouts that get results
  • Building effective nutrition plans tailored to your exact requirements for muscle gain and fat loss
  • Setting yourself up mentally to succeed with a very clear end goal in mind and starting to win right from today
  • Training with confidence knowing that you are getting the maximum results from each rep
  • Fitness and nutrition principles to help you succeed on the journey of building a better body
  • How to be healthier (both by being active in the right manner and by eating more nutritionally-dense foods)
  • How to build the body of your dreams and then sustain that body
  • How to lose fat
  • How to build muscle
  • The proper biomechanics of certain movement patterns related to fitness

So, if you've always wanted to become a professional bodybuilder, sign up for Jinu's sessions today! 

About Jinu Malil

Fitness and Bodybuilding Transformation Coach, International Body Builder, and Founder of 'Hale Fitness Club'

Jinu Malil is one of India's celebrated bodybuilders and has been recognized at the city, state, national, and international levels. 

A four-time winner of Mr Kozhikode (Mr Calicut), a Mr Kerala gold medalist (2018), and Mr Asia Pacific silver medalist (2019), Jinu can provide you with all the necessary information, experience, and workout plans you need to achieve your bodybuilding dreams. 

Having been recognized by the Indian Body Builders Federation as a Senior Athlete in Kerala, Jinu is the CEO and Founder of Hale Fitness Club in Calicut and President of the NGO Serve India. 

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