Bharatanatyam Dance Classes for Beginners


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Program Description

Bharatanatyam is the oldest classical dance form in the Indian tradition. Nurtured in the courts and temples of South India, it is an expression of Vaishnavism, Shaivism, and Shaktism. The term Bharatanatyam is made up of the words 'Bharata' and 'Natya'. Bharata consists of 'bhava' (emotions, feelings), 'ra' (from raga - music), and 'ta' (from tala - rhythm). 'Natya' in Sanskrit means 'dance'. 

In this session with seasoned performer and instructor Manju Ramdas Mahale, you will learn the following: 

- Basics of Bharatanatyam dance steps
- Insights into the theoretical concepts of natyopati, the different forms of classical dance and music of India, navarasa, nayak, and nayika bhedas
- Sessions on any topic included in dance exams -- on your request only

The beginners' class of Bharatnatyam will follow this class structure: 

- Namasriya and shlokam recitation
- Exercise and warm-up yoga
- Stretching exercises
- Adavus (basic steps in Bharatnatyam)
- Hasta mudras (gestures)

Remember that Bharatanatyam is danced barefoot, with ghungroos or ankle bells tied around your feet.

About Manju Mahale  

Visharad in Bharatanatyam

Manju Ramdas Mahale is a professor in Commerce. Due to her interest towards Indian classical dance, she pursued her Visharad in Bharatnatyam under the guidance of Guru Mrs. Sapna Kochrekar Naik and Mrs. Reema Gadkari Belekar.

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