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Program Description

Our voice is the most powerful gift we have. It can be a tool for expressing love, exerting domination, or simply becoming a dynamic speaker who can captivate the hearts of millions.

What we speak and the way we say it says volumes about our personality, our character. There are many successful professions out there that rely solely on the voice -- whether it is a voice-over artist, a dubbing artist, a radio jockey, anchor, successful YouTuber or television journalist. So, who better to teach the nuances of using the voice than someone who is a master in the field?

In this session, you will learn the following:

1. How to speak with ease and confidence
2. How to modulate your tone, pitch and diction so you create an impact
3. How to create a professional quality audio recording at home
4. The dos and don'ts of becoming a voice-over artist
5. Gait, posture, hand movement and eye expression while you speak
6. Learning to be creative as a radio jockey
7. How to infuse humour in your speech
8. How to have your own original style of storytelling so you can build credibility in the mind of the audience
9. A shorter speech is more impactful than a longer, laborious one -- learn how
10. Thinking positive to cope with one's nerves

About Junaid Khan  

TV/YouTube Anchor and former RJ at Radio Mirchi | टीवी एंकर और आर जे, रेडियो मिर्ची

Junaid Khan is the guy with the magical voice. TV Anchor and former RJ at Radio Mirchi, he has been a professional anchor for over 7 years. He is experienced at voice overs, dubbing and e-learning. A student of Biotechnology, he is a passionate storyteller, and is helping young people with ambition make a mark as a radio jockey and anchor. जुनैद खान एक बेहतरीन आवाज वाला लड़का है, रेडियो मिर्ची में आर जे रह चुके जुनैद 7 वर्षों से एक पेशेवर टीवी एंकर भी हैं। इतना ही नहीं इनको आवाज-ओवरों, डबिंग और ई-लर्निंग का भी गहरा अनुभव है। बायोटेक्नोलॉजी से अपनी पढ़ाई पूरी करने वाले जुनैद खान एक भावुक कहानीकार भी है। ये खासकर उन युवाओं की पहचान बनाने में मदद करना चाहते हैं जो रेडियो जॉकी और एंकर बनने का सपना देख रहे हैं।

Featured Review

Sagar Kamble

09 Jun 2020

Had a wonderful session with Junaid Khan. He knows technical things of voice very well. Best wishes to Junaid for his future.


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