Ayurveda Consultation for Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Arthritis, and Joint Pain


Monday to Friday - 10 AM to 2 PM & 5 PM to 8 PM



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Program Description

'Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.'
-- Sebastian Pole

Known as the oldest healing science, Ayurveda in Sanskrit means 'The Science of Life.' 

Ayurveda places emphasis on prevention of diseases and maintenance of one's health. This is done by balancing the three principal energies (doshas) of the body - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Imbalance of any of these energies can lead to diseases, discomfort, and malady. Ayurveda seeks to restore this balance and promote a holistic way of living that encourages restoration of the body's natural defense systems. 

Dr Vibhuti Tripathi aims to provide her patients with Ayurvedic remedies to offer them a good quality of life. 

She provides consultations regarding most general health concerns, with her areas of expertise being:

- Diabetes
- Hypertension 
- Obesity 
- Arthritis 
- Gout 
- Joint pains 

She also provides consultations for boosting immunity and keeping healthy through Ayurvedic supplements and medicines during the trying times of the COVID-19 outbreak.

About Dr. Vibhuti Tripathi  

Ayurvedic Physician

Dr Vibhuti Tripathi is an Ayurvedic physician with over five years of extensive experience in treating patients through the ancient yet scientific methods of Ayurveda.  She completed her Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicines and Surgery (BAMS) from Barkatullah Vishwavidyalay, Bhopal. She has rendered her professional services as a physician with leading Ayurvedic clinical centers and brands such as Jiva Ayurveda, Patanjali Ayurveda, Madhavbaug Clinic, and Dharma Ayurveda.  Currently, she practices from her clinic at Bhopal and treats with medicines that have no harmful side effects on a patient.

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