Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga for Strength, Flexibility, and Mental Peace


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Program Description

Ashtanga and Bikram (Hot) Yoga are two of the most popular forms of yoga. Both these forms are physically taxing and recommended for intermediate to advanced students. If you are a beginner, Anup Thomas can help you go through the basics of yoga and build your strength and tolerance. 

Ashtanga Yoga 
Ashtanga yoga, also known as Eight-Limb Yoga, is a physically demanding sequence of yoga postures or asanas. Anup conducts his Ashtanga classes as 45 minutes of athleticism followed by 15 minutes of breathwork and meditation. The intensity and difficulty of the session can be adjusted according to your experience and preference. 

Bikram/Hot Yoga 
Hot Yoga consists of repeating a sequence of 26 postures or asanas in a sauna-like room which imitates the tropical climate of India. These classes atypically require a room with 105-degrees Fahrenheit or 40-degrees Celsius with 40% humidity. As one may expect, this class leads to sweating and is focused on the proper alignment of the body. Don't worry - the climate in India is perfect for this form of yoga. You can easily do it from the comfort of your home.

About Anup Thomas  

Certified Yoga Instructor


Anup Thomas is a certified yoga instructor having done his 200 hours TTC from The Yoga Institute in Mumbai. With over three years of teaching experience, his specializations lie in Ashtanga and Bikram Yoga.  Previously, he has worked for yoga studios and fitness centers in Bangalore and Patna. Currently, he is a freelance yoga instructor through Urban Home. With the required knowledge about the muscular anatomical structure of the body as well as the philosophical aspect of yoga, Anup's goal is to make his clients experience the physical strength, flexibility, and mental tranquility that he experiences through his practice.

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