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Your Personalised Astro Guide

Certified Vedic Astrologer

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Eat the Foods You Love

Assistant Professor and Nutritionist

₹1230.0  ₹859.0

Discover the key to your ideal body weight

Nutritionist and Yoga Trainer

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Are You Worried About the Evil Eye?

Astrologer and Janam Kundali Specialist

₹1680.0  ₹1176.7

To look gorgeous, you must eat right

Clinical Dietician

₹610.0  ₹429.5

A Name Can Change Your Destiny

Certified Numerologist

₹380.0  ₹268.7

Beginner’s Guide to Corporate and Wedding Shoots

Photographer specialising in wedding and corporate shoots

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Meditation to combat stress, depression, anger

Astrologer and Spiritual Counsellor

₹1150.0  ₹803.1

Beginner's Course to Becoming a Radio Jockey and Voice-Over Artist

TV/YouTube Anchor and former RJ at Radio Mirchi

₹610.0  ₹429.5

Do you want to know what’s in store for you this year?

Astrologer and Spiritual Counsellor

₹1530.0  ₹1070.8

Predict your destiny

Astrologer, Janam Kundali Specialist

₹1530.0  ₹1070.8

Know the Power of Your Mind

Certified therapist with three years of experience

₹1880.0  ₹1318.5

Dance for Fitness and Stamina

Choreographer and Bharatanatyam Dancer

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Have a wish you want to come true?

Tarot card reader with over 7 years of experience

₹1230.0  ₹859.0

Relationship counseling with Priya

Relationship counsellor

₹230.0  ₹161.8

Fundamentals of Event and Fashion Photography

Fashion and Wedding Photographer

₹1230.0  ₹859.0

Customised Diet Consultation

Registered Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator with an experience of health coaching more than 1000 clients

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Emotional guidance with Rima Shah

Certified clinical psychologist practicing over 20 years

₹1380.0  ₹964.9

Get counseling for relationship issues and work stress.

Certified Psychologist with 10 years experience

₹1150.0  ₹803.1

Find out about your future

Celebrity numerologist and television personality

₹2300.0  ₹1606.2

Yoga for sound mental health

Yoga Instructor, Lifestyle Coach & Health Consultant

₹460.0  ₹323.6

Astrology remedies for everyday life

Started learning astrology since he was 12 years

₹380.0  ₹267.7

Learn beginners’ and advanced dance steps

Professional dance trainer

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Beginner’s Guide to Hindustani Classical Music and Ghazals

Hindustani vocalist and composer

₹1530.0  ₹1071.8

Learn the basics of beauty with Fouziya

Pro Makeup & Hair Artist

₹2300.0  ₹1606.2

The only thing that you need to learn is ‘How to Learn’!

Memory expert and study skill trainer, Guinness World record holder

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Learn Vinyasa Yoga for a healthy mind and body

Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher

₹6880.0  ₹4818.6

Marriage Counselling Made Easy

Psychologist with 3 years of experience, specialising in marriage counselling

₹2300.0  ₹1606.2

Enhance your beauty with yoga

RPL certified yoga practitioner with 4 years of experience

₹300.0  ₹211.8

Online consultation for toothache, flossing, root canals and more

Dr Saloni Jain is a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from Sri Aurobindo College of Dentistry, Indore

₹530.0  ₹373.6

Online astrological counselling for health, finance and life partner search

Well-known theologian and astrologer with over 15 years of experience

₹2300.0  ₹1607.2

Do you need help curating an all new wardrobe for yourself?

Wardrobe stylist and social media influencer

₹610.0  ₹429.5

Learn soft skills, build confidence

Soft skills trainer, motivational speaker, body positive influencer

₹530.0  ₹373.6

Did you know that telepathy combined with homeopathy can cure you of diseases?

Licensed homeopathic doctor and certified pranic healer

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Therapy which can help you Heal

Practising psychotherapist and member of Indian Association of Social Psychiatry

₹1910.0  ₹1338.5

Learn high-intensity strength and flexibility training

Certified fitness instructor with 12 years of experience

₹610.0  ₹428.5

Dr Sakshi offers advice on dental care

Dental care during the lockdown with Dr. Sakshi

₹410.0  ₹287.7

Address your queries on Covid-19 and more

Covid-19 Guidance with Dr. Prajakta

₹40.0  ₹30.0

Indo-Western Dance made easy with Anjali

Be your own choreographer with Anjali

₹150.0  ₹105.9

Learn the art of mind management

TEDx speaker, lifestyle coach, storyteller and author

₹610.0  ₹429.5

Join the Art of Living Online Happiness Programme

Senior international faculty at Art of Living

₹1530.0  ₹1070.8

Dr Geetha gives advice on life and relationships through the Holistic Healing approach

27 years of professional experience as a Consultant psychologist and Trainer for skills development.

₹2300.0  ₹1606.2

Dr Mala Murlidhar offers cognitive and behavioural therapy

Counsellor and Psychotherapist, practising with Dr Malathi Manipal Hospital, Bengaluru

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Get Your Gynaecological Problems Resolved by Dr Pallab Gangopadhyay

Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician; with Woodlands Hospital and Bellvue Clinic, Kolkata

₹770.0  ₹535.4

Reputed psychologist Dr Hema Sampath offers solutions to combat anxiety and depression

Practising psychologist; Consultant at Apollo Hospitals and NMIMS, Bengaluru

₹1910.0  ₹1338.5

Learn the Secrets to a Long-Lasting Relationship

International Faculty - Art of Living | Behavioural & Leadership Expert | Life Coach Consultant & Inspirational Speaker

₹2300.0  ₹1606.2

Learn the Art of Balance with Ace Fitness Trainer Jayna Bhalla

Jayna is a yoga expert specialising in the art of balance between body and mind

₹380.0  ₹267.7

Dance your way to Fitness with Anupama!

Yoga, Pilates and Functional Training with a Decade of Experience!

₹530.0  ₹373.6

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