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Spark.Live features incredible experts with years of experience. Discover them today, connect and chat in your language, and book one-on-one classes. Attend via Live Video, Audio or Chat. All from one single seamless platform.

Spark.Live – How It Works

Spark.Live platform allows you to browse through thousands of FREE short videos to discover Experts. You can then chat with them, book classes and consult with them. The classes and consultations happen over video or audio call directly via the app.

Discover Experts

Discover incredible Experts through Short Videos Experts have posted. Follow them, chat with them.

Book Consultations on Spark.Live

Book consultations easily and securly with numerous payment methods. We support UPI, Credit and Debit Card, and NEFT transfer.

Consult Experts using Video, Audio, Text

Spark.Live app is integrated with video, audio calling. You can easily attend the session with full privacy.

consult therapist and counselors online on one-on-one live video call

Popular Categories of Consultations

Popular Categories of Classes

Book online live classes on yoga, fitness, zumba

Spark.Live App

Spark.Live App combines the ability to watch videos, discover experts, book sessions with them, and attend via video, audio call or chat. Available in 5+ languages.

Watch Videos and Discover Experts

Experts from various backgrounds and cultures have joined Spark.Live to offer their services. They directly post informative videos on Spark.Live app for you to browse, watch, enjoy and learn from.

Connect With Experts and Chat With Them

You can not only follow Experts, but also message them and chat with them directly through the app, in your own language. The Spark.Live Chat allows voice messages, file sharing, images and video sharing and much more.

Book Consultations and Pay Securely

Spark.Live has partnered with leading payment gateways to offer numerous payment methods – ranging from UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, NEFT Transfer, Google Pay and more. You can book one-on-one consultation with any Expert, and attend from home through Video, Audio and Text Chat.

Book online live counseling for career guidance, study abroad and career growth

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Spark.Live – The Live Consultation and Booking Platform

Spark.Live, a product of Home Screen Network, is a live video consultation and booking platform for India’s hyperlocal Experts. Spark.Live offers you a range of expert services delivered on live video, all in one integrated platform. Discover incredible experts from deep within India, who speak your language, follow them and connect with them, book one-on-one consultation with them, and eventually consult with them on video, audio, or text from the comfort of your home.

Spark.Live brings you a wide amount of expertise and guidance right at your fingertips. From diet-related consultations to health and fitness guidance, to holistic treatment using Ayurveda, or therapy from fantastic mental health professionals and counselors, Spark.Live can help you stay fit in mind, body, spirit, and help you deal with your life issues from the convenience of a smartphone app.

Available in all popular Indian languages, thousands of Experts are using this platform to connect and consult with their clients.

Discover and Connect with Experts Who Speak Your Language

Spark.Live allows you to easily consume snackable informative content provided by Experts on its platform. From health tips to DIY videos, to information on day to day life and living, the Spark.Live Experts helps level the playing field for emerging markets through powerful information that was only available to English-speaking users until now.

On Spark.Live, you will find Experts in domains ranging from Ayurveda, mental health, therapy, yoga, dance, fitness, music, classical music, finance, homeopathy, makeup, skill-building, counselors, life coaches, and a lot more. Browse here and discover experts of your choosing –

Chat and Book Consultation with Experts 

On Spark.Live – you can not only find Experts through content, but you can also message them and talk to them, follow them, and understand their profile before you book one-on-one consultations with them. The platform offers easy ways to follow and message experts and book a consultation with them using numerous payment methods.

All Spark.Live experts are pre-vetted by the team, for their professionalism and quality. They are individuals who already have a reputation and credibility, and have been providing services offline to clients for years.

Consult Experts on Video, Audio, and Chat

Once you have booked an Expert service, you can easily connect with them over video, audio, or text chat. You can share files, images, and even communicate using voice messages. Spark.Live platform allows you to speak to Experts in your language. The interface has been designed with India’s emerging user base in mind and is available in several Indian languages. Spark.Live currently supports Expert consultations in Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, and English languages.

Secure Payment Methods

Spark.Live has partnered with one of the most secure and credible payment solutions in India – Razorpay – and offers a variety of payment methods: UPI, Rupay, Credit (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express) and Debit cards, Netbanking, Lazypay. The payments are held in escrow for the users until consultations are completed and then settled with the experts.

What Consultations Can You Find on Spark.Live?

Spark.Live offers expert consultations in a variety of domains. You can find their details below.

Mental Health, Therapy, and Counseling

Personal issues, relationship issues, marital problems, stress, and anxiety, are all problems that every individual deals with in their private life. Yet, access to help is not present in most cities in India. Spark.Live brings you expert counselors, psychologists, healers, and life coaches, who can help with you some of the most pertinent problems that you or your loved ones may face. The platform offers a secure and private space for consultation, and the client’s data is kept highly confidential and encrypted.

Ayurveda, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and Alternative Therapies

Ayurveda has emerged as one of the ancient traditions that has taken the world by storm with its effective long-term remedies that are low in side effects and improve one’s health by correcting the root cause of the ailment. Ayurvedic remedies are being adopted across the world for their effectiveness in treating chronic conditions, hair and skin disorders, digestive problems, allergies, and other immune system disorders, sexual wellness, and problems of impotency. Spark.Live brings Ayurveda experts who provide remedies that are certified by AYUSH mark – a voluntary quality certification scheme to ensure the efficacy of herbal products. The Ayurvedic doctors on Spark.Live platform already have been running their offline clinics and have touched many lives in the past.

Dance, Yoga, Meditation, and Music Lessons

Another unique area where Spark.Live services are currently quite popular is music, dance, yoga, and meditation. Trained experts offer classes and lessons on Spark.Live to their students, through video, and have been able to run their business in the post-Covid-19 world easily. Discover the lessons today and improve your life. These lessons particularly help with keeping fit, healthy in mind and body, and staying positive at difficult times in life.

Tax, Finance, Career, Self-Development, and Personality Development Guidance

Are you trying to improve yourself, or your career, or your financial condition? Speak to a Spark.Live finance or career coach and find the next step in your journey. Spark.Live features expert life coaches as well, who can provide regular guidance in growing your career, improving your personality, and dealing with stressful work situations that require professional guidance.