Do you have a partner who abuses you? Here are 5 ways to deal...

Verbal abuse is when the other person uses negative words. At times, even petty fights lead to verbal abuse. If you or anyone...
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Is it possible to have a happy, fulfilling long-distance relationship?

This is a question that hovers over the minds of many, once they get close to someone living far away. In fact,...
Lord Shiva

Why does Lord Shiva carry a ‘trishul’?

A trishul, known as a trident in English, is a weapon that was used in ancient times in warfare and other types...

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5 simple ways to combat depression

Not every day can be a happy one. It is normal to feel sad or low sometimes—it’s a human condition. But if you feel that you are constantly in...

Excess body fat can make you an idiot!

A new research from Iowa State University reported that as a person grows older, decreased muscle mass along with increased body fat percentage could seriously affect the immune system...

Women, Watch Out! Obesity Can Lead to Dementia

Published in the journal Neurology, this new study on obesity warns people particularly against obesity in middle age, which can lead to dementia later on in life. A BMI of...

Does your fashion sense determine if you are worthy of a date?

You can have anyone in life—if you dress for it.Every piece of clothing that you wear tells something about you, who you are, what you...
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Are Dating Apps Completely Destroying Your Life?

A University of North Texas study suggests that dating app users feel more negative about themselves than nonusers. The long term psychological impact of these apps is only starting to become visible.